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Sunpentown SR-1851 Mr. Induction Portable Cook Top

This item is No Longer Available.

Four reasons to buy Mr. Induction:
SAFE: no flames, butane, or burners; innovative ceramic plate design creates instant heat (only to induciton-compatible pans).
FAST: no waiting time, heat is instantly transferred to the pan.
CLEAN: reduces pollution, fumes, and offensive odor.
CHEAP: induction heat costs approx. 8-cents vs. $1.75 per hour for butane.
  • Electric induction elements provide best cooktop performance; safe and efficient (unlike other electric elements, induction elements provide the precise temperature control of gas burners for gourmet cooks)
  • Dual functions: cook will add heat to desired temperature & warm will keep set temperature (great for fry, stir fry, stew soup, and deep fry)
  • 3 temperature setting for warm: low/medium/hot
  • 9 level of heating power with 5 indicator lights (120-420F)
  • Up to 99-min. of timer setting
  • Adjustable power: 260-1200W
  • Smart scan technology
  • Safety protections: under pressure protection, auto shut-off function, overheat protection (household use only)
  • Dimensions: 2"h x 11"w x 13"L

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