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Mr. Coffee UF100 Replacement Paper Basket Filters NLA


8- to 12-cup size; pack of 100.
  • For use with model #s (not all model numbers are listed) AD10, AD12, ADS10, ADS12, ADX10, ADX20, BL110, BL113, BLX210, BLX213, DSP10, GBX12, GBX12GTF, GBX13, MCC120, MP12, MP13, MPS12, MPS13, MPX20, MPX23, MPX30, MPX30GPC, MPX33, MPX33GPC, NL13, NLS12, NLS13, NLX20, NLX20D, NLX23, NLX23D, NLX30, NLX33, PR4, PR12A, PR13, PR14, PR15, PR16, PR17, PR26, PR27, PR123, PR240, PR243, PRX20, PRX20D, PRX23, PRX23D, PRX28, PRX28GTF, PRX29, PRX29GTF, PRX30, PRX33, SR10, SR10-E, SR10-M, SR10-S, SRX20, SRX55, SRX55-M TC80, TC83, TCX80, TCX83, TR10, TRX20, UR12, UR13, UR170, URT83, URX30, URX30D, URX33D, URX37D, VB12, VB13, VBX20, VBX23

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