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Miele CARCLEAN CarClean Set Plus

Our Price: $149.95

A unique collection of accessories designed to help you clean a very personal space: your car. Narrow crevices, tight upholstery, loose floor mats, and tight spaces make cleaning a car's interior a very difficult task. The Miele CarClean Set helps solve this problem by bringing together all the right tools in a convenient carrying case!

Set Includes:
  • STB101 hand turbobrush
  • extra long crevice tool for cleaning between seats and in side compartments
  • micro hose and combi nozzle to help clean tight and awkward corners of the dashboard
  • extension of suction hose that couples to your existing Miele vacuum cleaner hose to help moving around and cleaning the interior easier
    • For use with all Miele vacuum cleaners (not all #s may be listed):

      model #s S135, S138, S142, S143, S147, S148, S170, S171, S172, S174, S175, S176, S177, S179, S220, S227, S230, S240, S246, S247, S248, S251F, S251MP, S256, S278, S280, S312, S314, S314RS, S314WS, S324, S401, S434, S444, S514, S514EP, S514TP, S544, S548, S558, S568, S658, S930, S930C, S930M, S930T, S938R

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