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Krups 085 Frothing Pitcher

Our Price: $24.95

20-oz. stainless steel pitcher with mirror-finish outside and brushed inside. Ideal for frothing milk to making cappuccinos and caffe lattes. Big, easy-grip handle; drip-resistant lip for pouring; dishwasher-safe.
  • For use with Cafe Centro type #s 888

    Cafe Presso type #s 171

    Espresso Bravo type #s 871, 872

    Gusto type #s 880

    Il Cafe Bistro type #s 867

    Il Cafe Duomo type #s 985

    Il Cafe Grande type #s 866

    Il Cafe Presso type #s 865

    Il Primo type #s 972

    Mini type #s 963

    Nespresso type #s 554, 583, 980

    Novo 2000 type #s 984

    Novo 2300 type #s 968

    Novo 4100 type #s 884

    Orchestro type #s 889, 890

    Palatino type #s 905

    Superiore type #s 894

    Vivo type #s 887

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