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iSi 1005 Twist 'n Sparkle

Currently Unavailable. No ETA.

Carbonate your everyday juices and teas for a healthy tasty treat. You control the ingredients Feeling like adding a fun twist to your cocktails? Add fizz to your favorite mixed drinks or wine. Need some inspiration? Try one of our delicious recipes to get you started. Just need some sparkling water? The Twist and Sparkle handles that with ease. Easy to use, system uses recyclable Co2 chargers to instantly 'Sparkle' any of your favorite beverages. Add your favorite beverage to the recyclable PET/PEN bottle, insert charger in the chamber of the sparkling wand's chamber - Twist - wait one minute for full carbonation to take place. Remove the empty charger from the chamber and recycle. Enjoy. Unit comes with 1 Reusable bottle (1QT capacity), one Sparkling wand, 3 recyclable Co2 chargers, 1 recipe booklet featuring 26 delicious beverage ideas.
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Doesn't take up valuable counter space
  • Bottle is made from Recyclable PET/PEN material
  • Directly carbonates your beverage of choice, no need to buy special mixers

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