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Deni 1721 Magic Vac Elite II Vacuum Packaging System


Deni offers commercial food preservation technology, designed to offer advanced levels of continuous food packaging for the home. Vacuum packing will revolutionize the way you store and purchase food. By storing food in a vacuum (which means without air) the shelf life for refrigerated, frozen and pantry foods is greatly increased. Air can cause food to become stale, rancid, ferment, dried out, or develop freezer burn. Vacuum packing keeps your food fresher longer. Meats, fish, and vegetables can be frozen without freezer burn maintaining their fresh flavor and texture; dry goods such as coffee, rice, flour, and nuts will also have a much stronger shelf life when vacuum packed.
  • Semi-automatic vacuum and sealing
  • Patented vacuum chamber system
  • Durable closed cell gasket
  • Sealing strip for a strong, secure seal
  • Manual seal button to stop the vacuum process for delicate foods
  • Hose port for vacuum packaging in canisters, bottles, and jars
  • Convenient compact size
  • Save hundreds of dollars on your annual grocery bill by buying in bulk
  • Save time by preparing meals in advance
  • Aslo great for household goods - keeps supplies dry during camping and traveling, prevent silver from tarnishing, or protect cherished photos and documents
  • Second generation, gas permeable bagging material with nylon rib design for maximum air extraction
  • Patented, FDA-approved, 3-ply bags are microwave, freezer, boil-in-bag, and dishwasher safe
  • Includes one 11�" x 20' bagging roll, twenty 8" x 12" pre-cut bags, one wide-mouth jar attachment, and operating manual
  • 1 year limited warranty

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