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DeLonghi 7510 Durgol Special Decalcifier

Our Price: $16.95

Includes 2 single-portion bottles for 2 perfect decalcifications (125ml/each) and information brochure w/ instructions for use.
For quality espresso machines of all brands, including fully automatic machines, half automatic machines, manual mahines, and "coffee pod" machines. Filter machines, electric water heaters, and tea kettles can also be decalcified. Easy and safe to use and is guaranteed to decalcify quickly and easily without the need to wait for the decalcification process to work. Regular use of this special formula will ensure the optimal quality of your espresso and extend the life span of your machine. Leaves no residue and after decalcification and rinsing, your machine is completely safe for use.
  • For use with all Super Automatic Espresso Machines

  • Manufacturer Recommends one bottle every two months for normal use

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