Cuisinart Food Processor Parts Which part fits my model?

Cuisinart is well known in the housewares business not only for its great quality, but also in providing parts for even their oldest machines. In fact, work bowls, work bowl covers, pushers, and blades are available for their earliest machines made in the early 1970ís, and can be obtained from authorized dealers. However, knowing exactly which parts you need is sometimes difficult, given that there were manufacturing changes made along the way. For example older DLC-7, DLC-8, DLC-10 and DLC-X series food processors all take the original style bowl, but the work bowl cover and pusher assembly were redesigned in 1985. So if you break an original dlc-7 work bowl cover it will be necessary to replace the original cover with a newer style cover as well as a newer style pusher and sleeve assembly. So how do you know which parts you will need? Start by finding the model number from the bottom of the machine (Illustration 1). Then identify the part you need, understanding that in some cases you may need an additional part if there have been changes along the way.

If your machine was made prior to 1985, and made in Japan, you have the original bowl system. Should you need the work bowl only, order only the work bowl. However, if you need a new cover OR a new pusher & sleeve assembly, you must order both the newer style work bowl cover and pusher/sleeve assembly for your machine to operate.

If your machine was made after 1985, and made in China, order only the part you need to replace. See illustration 2 below if you are unsure which bowl system you have.

One additional change was made in 1985 on the blades. The original slicing and shredding blades each came with a permanently affixed shaft. After 1985 each blade was manufactured to take a detachable blade stem, which you place on each slicing or shredding blade when you are ready to put the blade on the machine. This made storage of the blades much simpler. Should you break an original blade, you must replace that blade with a newer style blade and detachable blade stem. See illustration 3 below.

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