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Creating Home-Ground Burgers with a Food Processor

11/8/2012 6:57:11 PM

Going to the supermarket to buy ground beef can be a hassle, especially given the significant amount of factors you must consider about the meat.  Some of the basic considerations include the ratio of fat to lean, cholesterol levels, sodium, and more.  Sometimes, it is easier to simply obtain your own piece of meat and create the ground beef yourself.  Deciding which type of beef to use is certainly something that needs to be researched first.

Using a food processor is absolutely necessary as that will take the meat and condense it down to the ground beef level that is required for cooking.  Most of the standard systems have all of the necessary pieces although Kitchenaid food processor parts are simple to obtain for those extra components that can be required.  Surely, grounding your own beef ensures the process is done well and deciding the specific type of meat that is desired removes the multitude of question marks out of the equation.

Statistical based research on home cooking has found that grinding your own beef actually provides for a more tender and tasty meal.  Ultimately, the major factor circles back to the fact that the individual has the option of which is the best piece of meat to purchase and this makes all of the difference.  Also, in addition to carefully selecting the right choice for the beef, it is equally important to note that grinding the meat on the spot is as fresh as it will be.  The ground beef that is found in the super markets, while still considered “fresh”, can have a different taste depending on when the meat was grinded.

When grinding your own meat, it is also important to realize that the individual can control the density and the size of the cuts.  Typically, store bought ground beef is diced very small and very thin.  This impacts the overall consistency of the meat and has an effect on the quality of the patty, if the user is going to choose to make hamburgers as the product.   Most of store bought meat will be very thin and can easily case and not create enough density to retain the proper thickness that creates a desired type of hamburger patty.

Ultimately, this comes down to deciding which type of meat to use for grinding.  Food processors are a must in this instance and securing the proper replacement parts is easy to do and some of the best tasting hamburgers can come from this.

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