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5 Steps to Becoming a "Morning Person"

8/26/2013 1:50:37 PM

We can't all be morning people… but we can definitely try! A great day starts the second you wake up in the morning and therefore you must have a good morning routine.  Do you find yourself feeling like there is never enough time in the a.m.?  For some people a routine is a strange word and it can be tough to get used to a regular routine..  However, if you are looking to find more balance in your life, then having a morning routine can really help you find that balance, as well aid in ensuring you wake up in time for work in the morning.

Here are some tips that can help develop a morning routine:

  1. Try going to bed at a reasonable time.

Doctors recommend eight hours of a sleep a night in order to get enough energy to get through the day. However, if you are a workaholic, then you probably go to bed thinking about work. Try to relax by watching your favorite TV show, listening to tranquil music, or reading a book.

  1. Set your alarm clock/cell phone.

An alarm clock is a key tool to waking up on time and establishing a healthy routine.Whether you decide to invest in an alarm clock or opt to simply set an alarm on your phone, a reliable alarm is vital to getting up on time in the morning.

  1. Try a quick 10 minute workout.

You may feel rejuvenated with a little bit of exercise in the morning. You don't have to go all out – a simple routine of 10 jumping-jacks and 20 sit-ups will help you feel energized and ready to take on the world.

  1. Wash your hair and choose an outfit the night before.

By saving your daily morning tasks for the night prior, you can save a good half hour in your morning routine. Try washing your hair and choosing an outfit the night before – you'd be surprised at how much time you save!

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast and make your own coffee.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.Try grabbing something easy and quick like a breakfast bar.Next, save time by making your own coffee.Keep in mind that by making your own coffee, you will not have to stop at a local store on your way to work.Try a reliable and affordable Cuisinart coffee maker and parts that will make it easy to make and grab a cup of joe while on the go in the morning.

It may take some time and consistency to enforce a well-balanced morning routine, so try keeping track of your morning habits. However, by going to bed at a reasonable hour, setting an alarm, working out, and taking care of your morning tasks the night before, you can ensure you have enough time in the morning to get ready, as well save time by making your own coffee.

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