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Give Dad a Great Gift of Braun Shaver Parts

6/3/2013 11:34:38 PM

Finding the right gift for dad on his birthday can be a challenge for any son or daughter. Dads often seem to have at least one of everything already and some even claim not to want a birthday gift at all. However, most dads do like getting a gift, especially one as practical and enjoyable as our Braun shaver parts.

Types of Braun Shaver Parts

From cartridges to cleaners, there are many different types of Braun shaver parts that any dad would be pleased to receive. For a dad who travels, either for work or for pleasure, an extra charger or protective cap might come in handy. One of our new cartridges will extend the lifespan of the shaver by many years. All replacement parts are available for all types of Braun systems, so dad can rest assured knowing his shaver will be with him and working well for many years to come.

Benefits of Using a Braun Shaver

Our Braun shavers give dad the close shave he desires. With flexible control, dad can easily create a custom look for his beard and/or mustache. We have shavers that are small enough to fit into any duffel bag or carry-on luggage or even a gym bag for a quick shave after a workout. Using our genuine replacement parts to repair a shaver means that the item will give dad many more birthdays' worth of use.

Our parts for Braun shavers cost less than buying dad a totally new shaver. Every time dad gets out the system to groom himself, he will be reminded of his son or daughter's thoughtfulness and generosity on his birthday. He might even be proud to have brought up such a practical-minded son or daughter who cares enough about him to only give the best!

Replacing an Electric Shaver with Parts

5/20/2013 12:39:00 PM

Men’s shavers are expensive tools that are needed to be used most commonly on a daily basis.  That is, men typically use their electric shavers once a day on end and typically try to get a maximum of two years out of the life of their shaver.  Braun, an industry leader in home electronics has developed highly advanced and technical men’s electric shavers that are durable and of the highest quality in the industry.  When shavers are used at a high level and need to be fixed or repaired, it is lesser expensive to purchase parts for the shaver versus having to buy a whole new system.  Braun shaver parts are available and can easily fix the mechanism and the tool by simply replacing specific parts instead of having to purchase a whole new system.

While many would feel that men are the most to use electric shavers, there is also steady demand for women’s shaving products.  At the end of the day, the average consumer (both men and women) will shave once a day.  In that, these products are used more than 350 times per year which makes them highly susceptible to requiring a replacement or repair.

Braun is a well-known industry name for their leading innovation and quality of products.  Using a product from this line of company is highly recommended as consumers crave high quality in addition to innovation and product pricing.  Braun shavers for both men and women are highly durable and advanced products that are in constant demand by households everywhere.

What type of parts can require replacement for shavers?  The most common are the blades and heads of the electric shaver.  That is, the blade and the precision and sharpness of the head are the most important component of the shaver.  Over time, these wear down due to extensive usage and will need to be replaced.  Having a very sharp blade on the end of the electric shaver is important to ensuring a precise and accurate cut is being made each time.  Another important replacement part is the power adaptor cord.  While this seems as though it is not in high demand, oftentimes the adaptor cord is misplaced and it is challenging if not impossible to find.  The majority of Braun electric shavers are rechargeable internal batteries that require to be plugged in to the wall after use to recharge.  Countless times these cords can be easily misplaced and the shaver can be left without a charge.

Replacing certain parts of an electric shaver is more cost effective than replacing the unit as a whole.  Consider replacing parts individually to save time and money.

Braun Shavers and Shaver Parts Make the Perfect Gift

8/3/2012 1:20:01 PM


Men often need to dress up and look clean-shaven. When dressing up, it is important that they shave with the proper blade. Shaving with a dull or cheap blade gives people a scrubby looking appearance. Other people notice this, and they think less of you if you show up somewhere looking like you just rolled out of bed. 

Some men can get away without shaving every day, while others need to be clean-shaven on a daily basis. Shavers and shaver parts make the perfect gift for men of any age. There are tons of shavers on the market for both those who only shave occasionally and those who need to shave every day. The only thing you need to look out for is the quality of the shaver you use.

The highest quality shavers on the market are manufactured by Braun. Braun shavers ensure a close shave with no nicks and cuts. If you use an electric you don't have to use any shaving creams, soaps, or pastes. Using an electric makes shaving a lot easier and more convenient. If you know someone who still shaves with a razor, you may want to get them an electric razor as a gift. Once they try, it they will love it.

When purchasing a shaver, make sure you don't forget to get the accessories that come with it. Braun shaver parts help men get the smoothest shave possible. Some of the most common Braun shaver parts are the foil and cutter, which help with a close shave. 

If you know someone that absolutely refuses to shave with an electric razor, Braun makes accessories for them as well. You can always buy some Braun Clean and Sharp Blades. These blades are extra sharp, and they stay that way longer than traditional blades.

Braun shavers and parts make the perfect gift for any occasion. Men love getting these gifts because they are extremely useful, and it can be annoying having to go get the stuff yourself. Men often need to look clean-shaven, and they will appreciate the fact that you bought them a gift that makes that easier.


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