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5/20/2013 12:39:18 PM

Coffee water filters are a great way to improve the taste and health of your morning brew for the better.

Don't believe us? Wondering how a simple filter could make such a dramatic difference to your coffee?

Consider the facts:

Clearly, the best thing that you can do for your taste buds and wellbeing is to invest (as soon as possible) in our Krups coffee maker water filter. It is easy to use and replace and works well in either a home or workplace setting. In addition, the filter helps to reduce lime scale buildup, enabling you to clean the machine less often. Replacing the filter can be done in mere minutes and is only necessary once every two or three months. Once you have started using a filter, you will notice a significant improvement in the smell and taste of your coffee, allowing you to enjoy it more, worry-free.



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