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Blog - June 2013

Give Dad a Great Gift of Braun Shaver Parts

6/3/2013 11:34:38 PM

Finding the right gift for dad on his birthday can be a challenge for any son or daughter. Dads often seem to have at least one of everything already and some even claim not to want a birthday gift at all. However, most dads do like getting a gift, especially one as practical and enjoyable as our Braun shaver parts.

Types of Braun Shaver Parts

From cartridges to cleaners, there are many different types of Braun shaver parts that any dad would be pleased to receive. For a dad who travels, either for work or for pleasure, an extra charger or protective cap might come in handy. One of our new cartridges will extend the lifespan of the shaver by many years. All replacement parts are available for all types of Braun systems, so dad can rest assured knowing his shaver will be with him and working well for many years to come.

Benefits of Using a Braun Shaver

Our Braun shavers give dad the close shave he desires. With flexible control, dad can easily create a custom look for his beard and/or mustache. We have shavers that are small enough to fit into any duffel bag or carry-on luggage or even a gym bag for a quick shave after a workout. Using our genuine replacement parts to repair a shaver means that the item will give dad many more birthdays' worth of use.

Our parts for Braun shavers cost less than buying dad a totally new shaver. Every time dad gets out the system to groom himself, he will be reminded of his son or daughter's thoughtfulness and generosity on his birthday. He might even be proud to have brought up such a practical-minded son or daughter who cares enough about him to only give the best!

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